What We Do?

MISSION OF THE Czech-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce

CZECHIA is a highly industrialized, first-class high-tech country in the heart of Europe and the EU, Pakistan as the second largest Islamic nation on the Indian subcontinent, LOW COST production location and huge market complement each other perfectly.

As the Czech Pakistani Chamber of Commerce, we are in a remarkable situation to make a significant association among Pakistan and the Czechia.

We connect people and support business

We organise seminars, knowledge sharing and intellectual, economic missions from Pakistan to Czechia and vice versa in order to have a lasting positive impact on people, society and the environment.

We support companies from both countries to enter the market of the other country.

Why Join Us?

Czech-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce

Czech-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce has been working to strengthen business ties between the Pakistan and the Czech Republic, promoting trade, growth and the creation of new business opportunities.

Apply your creativity, learn from others and discover your talent for innovation.