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Czech-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce has been working to strengthen business ties between the Pakistan and the Czech Republic, promoting trade, growth and the creation of new business opportunities. The Chamber’s membership encompasses a broad spectrum , Czech and international companies, and we work closely with all of these members to provide individualized support and market expertise.

We are trying to Facilitate the development, support and promotion of all trade, industrial, tourism and cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Pakistan.

The Czech Republic has been working to support economic relations between the Czech Republic and Pakistan in terms of trade, industry, agriculture, finance, transport, technology, professional activities and other related activities.

As a hub of the Czech business community, we host an extensive programme of events designed to foster new connections within our member network and beyond. We also provide a platform for professional development and business education, advancing the exchange of relevant knowledge through our comprehensive series of presentations and workshops.

Ease of doing business in Czech

The Czech Republic is a fully-fledged democratic country, organized as a market economy. Freedom of entrepreneurial initiatives is guaranteed and nurtured. As a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic is directly connected to all the other EU economies. There is a complete freedom of circulation of goods, services, investment, capital and workers between the Czech Republic and other EU countries. Workforce costs in the Czech Republic are reasonable , workers are highly qualified, productivity is high and there is a strong and consolidated tradition of business support.

Ease of doing business in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most thriving countries in Asia. Its economy has been constantly growing and it is predicted that the economy of Pakistan will further strengthen in the next future with its consolidated industrial basis and its dynamic service sector. Pakistan offers plenty of opportunities to investors and traders.  A very qualified (especially in the IT sector) and not expensive workforce, matched by supportive business institutions, guarantees results to business-oriented persons.


President Pakistan Chapter CZPAK

Wasim Khokhar

President Czech Chapter CZPAK

Ing. Miloš Janů

Director CZPAK

Hans Weber

Event Manager

Dr. Pietro Andrea Podda PhD

Office Manager CZPAK

Lucie Fejklová

Board of Directors

Wasim Khokhar

President of Pakistan Chapter & Co-Founder CZPAK, CEO & Founder Bridging Trade International, European Economic Forum

Ing. Miloš Janů

President Czech Chapter CZPAK & CEO PROMEXIN

Dr. Israr Hussain

Additional Foreign Secretary Policy Planning and Public Diplomacy @ MOFA PAKISTAN

Tomáš Duda

CEO Professionals

Thorsten Sturm

CEO Ostendorf – OSMA s.r.o.

Georgi Bidenko


Patron Members

Our members, your connections

Embassy of Pakistan in Prague

​An inspiring space with endless opportunities for all

Prime Ministers

Petr Fiala

Czech Prime Minister

Shehbaz Sharif

Pakistan Prime Minister

Foreign Ministers

Jan Lipavský

Czech Foreign Minister

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Pakistan Foreign Minister


Jozef Síkela

Minister for Industry & Trade

Syed Naveed Qamar

Federal Minister of Commerce

Czech Republic Pakistan Relations

Pakistan and Czech Republic have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase military and defence cooperation between the two countries. Both countries try to develop their cultural relations through tourism and education.