These rules regulate the interaction between the  CZPAK and third parties benefiting from its services, especially but not exclusively Members.  Third parties, especially but not exclusively Members, accept these rules when they register to any event organized by the CZPAK, join the CZPAK or benefit from its services.   As for any matter not directly regulated below, the law of the Czech Republic, the Statute of the Chamber as well as recognized ethical and business standards apply.

  1. All Members of the CZPAK commit to the respect of law and of the highest ethical standards when interacting with the CZPAK, its Members and any Third Party met through the CZPAK. The same applies to any Third Party attending the event of the Chamber of benefiting from its services.

  2. Members and other Third Parties interacting with the CZPAK guarantee to provide accurate and true information whenever they actually do provide information.

  3. Members and other Third Parties interacting with the CZPAK are expected to take care of the security of their login details. The CZPAK does not take any responsibility for an unauthorized use of data, unless this happens because of clear negligence from the CZPAK side.

  4. The CZPAK does not accept responsibility for the content posted by its Members on its website, apart when responsibility is established by law. The CZPAK reserves the right to cancel any posted content in case it results to be not in line with existing legal rules or contrary to the spirit of the CZPAK.

  5. Members and Third Party commit to the respect of confidentiality related to any sensitive  information they acquire through the interaction with the CZPAK and its members.

  6. The CZPAK retains the right to reuse or repost any content posted by the Members on its Website, unless otherwise agreed.  When publishing any content on the CZPAK website, Members guarantee their own right to use it and reproduce it worldwide. Members agree to refund the CZPAK in case any content is posted without the conditions specified above being respected.

  7. All controversies between the CZPAK and Members will be solved by Czech Courts on the basis of Czech Law, unless otherwise agreed.